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What is WagonheimU?

WagonheimU  is a practical and cost-effective online legal education and training resource.

We offer courses and support that give you the tools you need to feel confident and ensure your business is protected. 

Founded by attorney and public speaker, Eliot Wagonheim, Principal of  Wagonheim  Law,  Eliot's passion is teaching you how to protect your business.

With a specific focus on construction and general business, Eliot teaches you what you need to know in an informative and engaging way. From how to review and negotiate contracts  for  subcontractors and small businesses to step by step instructions on the hidden legal traps everyone should know. Eliot shares his years of experience in his trainings and support at  WagonheimU. Bonus, you get immediate feedback from Eliot no matter what course you  take.​ 

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Eliot started WagonheimU to teach you how to reduce your risk, optimize your profits and protect your business. Learn how to read, analyze and negotiate fair contracts with the support of a lawyer...without paying for one.

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