Defining Success: Top Things You Need to Know When Reading a Contract 

You sign contracts all the time, but are you fluent in their language? Definitions are the language of contracts, and if you don’t know how they work, you’re leaving yourself open to significant risk. 

Why do definitions matter? Because defined terms are the building blocks of every contract provision. As an example, you may expect that you can be held liable for damages, but would never, in a million years, agree to be held liable for Damages. The difference? The second – the one with the capital D – is a defined term...and it means whatever the author of the contract says it does.  

In this one-hour mini master, you will learn: 

  • To spot overlooked definition traps hidden in plain sight 
  • How to interpret contracts the way a judge or arbitrator would 
  • Top ways to use definitions to your advantage when revising contracts 

PLUS, access to our downloadable PDF Definitions Guide.

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