Subcontractor contract review and negotiation support and education you need to protect your business now without having to pay for a lawyer! 

You need to thrive in a tough industry. That means protecting your business while eliminating risk in every contract you sign.

That's why we created the Commercial Subcontractors Contract Masterclass as your solution. ‚Äč

Avoid company-killing contract mistakes before you sign another one, even if it feels like it's written in a foreign language. 

No matter your role and level of expertise, we move at your speed by providing the tools you need and immediate feedback from construction lawyer, Eliot Wagonheim.



hear from construction laywer, and Founder of WagonheimU and Wagonheim Law, Eliot Wagonheim.


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Discover what 99% of contractors don’t know – how to spot the traps and negotiate critical changes before signing the contract.

Stop leaving your company wide open to attack by signing contracts written by GCs completely in their favor.

Using the Commercial Subcontractors Contract Masterclass as your guide, you will be able to negotiate contracts with a level of ease and confidence you thought was impossible. 30+ years of negotiating and litigating construction contracts broken down into easy-to-understand bite-sized pieces to get your results immediately.

Learn how to protect yourself from all of the unnecessary risks the GCs want you to accept.

Every contract is about risk. The GCs have it, and they want to transfer all of their risk to you. Don’t let them. There’s a big difference between the risk that comes with the job and the risk you should absolutely refuse to accept.


Get paid for your extra work, even without a signed change order.

Most contracts tell you that you won’t get paid without a fully signed change order, but then make you subject to delay damages if you don’t start work immediately. I’ll show you how to protect yourself from this built-in trap that’s hidden in virtually every contract.


Get the results you want from every communication and preserve your relationships

Whether you’re negotiating a contract, writing a change order request, or just sending an email, the words you choose and the approach you take mean the difference between a successful collaboration or a deaf ear. Learn the most powerful techniques for every discussion.


How does this course work?

Divided into 12 modules with easy to consume lessons, you can take the course in its entirety at your own pace to gain a solid overview of construction contracts, or you can identify an area you need immediate help with and review those lessons. 

  • 12 modules (lessons no longer than 13 minutes in length)
  • Learn at your own pace
  • Immediate feedback from construction lawyer, Eliot Wagonheim
  • Real-world exercises to help you apply now
Downloadable Course Guide

Module 1: The Contract Mindset

You will learn:
How to look at every provision of a contract the way experienced lawyers do
To understand of the contract environment and how Contract Documents fit together
To handle the risk presented by what is perhaps the most important provision in the entire contract: The Entireties Provision

Module 2: Contract Negotiation

You will learn:
How to get the other side to agree to changes even in so-called “take-it-or-leave-it" contracts
Top negotiation techniques to optimize your results and protect your interests
A simple and effective technique that most lawyers don’t even know about revising contracts to your advantage

Module 3: Contract Triage

You will learn:
 How to spot and avoid the traps that routinely cost subcontractors hundreds of thousands of dollars
How to protect your cashflow and optimize your right to full payment right from the outset 
How to put your contracts through triage yourself


Module 4: The Hidden Killers

You will learn:
How to sidestep the hidden killers in your contract that even the most experienced professionals often miss
What you can and can’t accept as the Standard of Care and why your decision could cost or save you six figures
How to spot the dangers in so-called boilerplate provisions and instead use them to your advantage

Module 5: Definitions

You will learn:
• How definitions written by the GC can determine whether you make or lose money on any given project
How lawyers use definitions as one of their most powerful tools in writing and revising contracts...and how you can too

Module 6: Payment

You will learn:
How to get paid for the work you do each time, every time
What to do when you’re not getting paid
How to lower your risk in pay-if-paid and pay-when-paid contracts

Module 7: Changes in the Work

You will learn:
How you can make sure to get paid for changes in the work
Where most subcontractors lose the change order argument before it even gets started
How to preserve your right to get paid even without a signed change order

Module 8: Warranties

You will learn:
Why the warranty in your contract may not be the warranty you intend to give
The crucial revision you must make to your warranty language if your scope includes the equipment installation
What a warranty gap is and why you should care

Module 9: Indemnification

You will learn:
To understand indemnification...finally
To find and eliminate the dealbreakers in all that legalese
Three simple words to add to your indemnification provision to protect your business

Module 10: Insurance & Bonding

You will learn:
The crucial differences between insurance and bonding
What sureties care about and how to get and stay bondable
The ins and outs of all that legalese in typical insurance provisions

Module 11:

Suspension & Termination

You will learn:
How to protect your interests even when projects go south
How revising the language can mean the difference between something minor and something that can significantly impact your business
How and when to suspend work or walk away

Module 12: Dispute


You will learn:
The differences between Mediation, Litigation and Arbitration
How to figure out which kind of dispute resolution is right for you
Small changes in legal language that can make a big difference

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Lower Your Risk, Increase Your Profit, and Get Paid Everything You’re Owed

Eliot illuminates areas of risk that could I was unaware of. Eliot mitigates the risk with contractual modifications that my clients will accept.” -- Bill Stinson, Pipeway Energy Construction

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“Great course for a contractor to better their understanding of the pitfalls of a contract. I really learned a lot of good material.”

Dave Brogan, Bristol Environmental

Learn from a lawyer without all the legalese. Eliot Wagonheim

For more than 30 years as a construction lawyer, clients have sought my help to get paid, defend backcharges, fight claims for liquidated damages, and prevent termination. And when a particularly confusing contract term came up, I’d get a call.

For years I have steadily reviewed contracts and educated clients on the negotiating points, deal-breakers, nice-to-haves and need-to-haves on projects ranging from $25,000 to $90,000,000.  

Working one-to-one with clients is great and I enjoy it, but I know that not every subcontractor has the budget in place to retain my services (or any lawyers) as often as they would like. I’ve noticed that if subcontractors can develop a solid foundation of contract terms and regulations, they can begin to negotiate lawyer-free with confidence.

I believe in empowering you - the subcontractor - on how to understand the contracts you are being presented with day-in-and-day out, before you run into a major issue that puts your entire business at risk. That is what The Subcontractrors Contract Masterclass is all about.



“This was the best class I have taken, hands down. I’ve had a lot of training and taken a lot of classes throughout my 20-year career in the industry and this one definitely exceeded my expectations. Lawyers can be expensive – this is like having a lawyer without paying for one. It is cost-effective and worth the investment to protect our business. Eliot is very informative in an easy to understand way and I love that you can take the class at your own pace and reference it later on if you need to.”   

Angelita, Contracts Manager, 20 years in the industry, 8-10 years of contract experience 

“I had zero experience with contracts before I took this course and I never once felt lost or confused throughout this training. I have been able to utilize the content that was provided in the course and incorporate it into my daily life. I now feel really confident reviewing and drafting contracts as a result of taking the course.”

Lindsay Barnaba, RSSI Roofing