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Contract Triage Mini Master

Contract Triage: How to Determine if a Contract is Worth Accepting or Not 

Before you do anything else with that contract...put it through triage. Medical practitioners perform triage when they are assigning degrees of urgency to admitting wounds and illnesses. When you review a contract to assess if it contains too many deal-breakers, which left unchanged, would leave your business vulnerable, you are performing contract triage.

Before you take the time or expense to pay a lawyer to review your entire contract, check out this mini master about contract triage to determine if it’s even worth it. 

In this mini master, you will learn: 

  • What to do with terms your company should consider as dealbreakers 
  • How to focus on the big issues and non-negotiables so you can have discussions with the other side in order to make an immediate go/no-go decision 
  • The one question you should be asking your team consistently before signing a contract 
  • The best approach to contract negotiations (hint: it’s not by having the lawyers exchange redlines) 

What you get: 

  • 1-hour mini master
  • Downloadable guide
  • Skills assessment
  • Feedback and support from Eliot