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4 Weeks to Project Manager Contract Mastery

Project Manager Contracts Masterclass


 In 4 weeks, you will understand contracts better than 99% of your peers.

 This is the only contracts course with personal guided step-by-step instruction designed exclusively for project managers to learn how to use every contract to your company’s advantage.

You will walk away with the knowledge to help avoid missing deadlines you didn't even know were there and use these skills to start running even more successful projects, build goodwill, and get paid everything you’re owed.

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How does the course work?

Live sessions, one hour per week for 4 consecutive weeks. Ask your questions live and get real-time feedback from long-time construction legal expert and WagonheimU educator, Eliot Wagonheim. 

In 4 weeks, you will learn more about your contracts than you would ever learn from years in the field. 

  • 4 weeks, one live session a week (Can't make a session? Recordings available.)
  • Personal guided instruction and real-time feedback from construction lawyer, Eliot Wagonheim
  • Downloadable workbook with exercises to accompany each session
  • Examples from actual contracts to apply your knowledge

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Here's a look at what you'll learn inside the course:

Week 1: August 3

Mission Critical Issues in Project Management

  • What your company's president and lawyer want you to know about the contract before stepping foot on-site
  • A walkthrough of specific issues that you will face on every project and how to navigate them

Week 2: August 10

Contract Foundations

  • How to read and use every contract to your advantage
  • Gain a basic understanding of contracts so you can translate the legalese into action

Week 3: August 17

Changes in the Work

  • How to get paid for changes while staying on schedule and preserving client relationships
  • What to do when you don't have a signed change order

Week 4: August 24

Claims, Backcharges & Termination

  • Learn the most effective in-project communication techniques
  • Become your company’s most effective advocate by using the tools the contract gives you
  • How to put your company in the best position when the worst happens

*BONUS* Week 5: August 31

Live Q&A

  • One hour dedicated to answering your contract questions so you have the support to be set up for success!


Download the full course syllabus here.


This Masterclass will help you:


Avoid backcharges and delay claims.

Get paid everything you're owed on time, every time (even without a signed change order).


Protect your company from the unexpected (including force majeure, supply chain, and pandemic-related issues).


Learn from a lawyer without all the legalese. 

Hi, I'm Eliot Wagonheim.

For more than 30 years as a construction lawyer, clients have sought my help to get paid, defend backcharges, fight claims for liquidated damages, and prevent termination. And when a particularly confusing contract term came up, I’d get a call.

For years I have steadily reviewed contracts and educated clients on the negotiating points, deal-breakers, nice-to-haves and need-to-haves on projects ranging from $25,000 to $90,000,000.  

Working one-to-one with clients is great and I enjoy it, but I know that not every company has the budget in place to retain my services (or any lawyers) as often as they would like. I’ve noticed that if PMs and contract admins can develop a solid foundation of contract terms and regulations, they can move forward lawyer-free with confidence.

I believe in empowering you - the project manager - to understand the contracts you are being presented with day-in-and-day-out, before you run into a major issue that puts your entire company at risk. That is what The Project Managers Contract Masterclass is all about. Seats are limited to ensure personal attention is given to each attendee. Click the button below to save your seat today.


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