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"The Construction Executive webinars we did with Eliot had among the highest registration attendance and engagement rates of all the webinars we've done in over 6 years. He's a fantastic speaker and the feedback we received from our attendees was overwhelmingly positive. We'd host Eliot every week if we could." 

Mike Ruth, Webinar Coordinator for Construction Executive, MagazineXperts 


"ABC members have benefited immensely from the trainings provided by Eliot Wagonheim. Eliot’s online learning platform and extensive industry knowledge allows companies to master contract review and negotiation skills in-house so that even those companies who do not have or cannot afford to keep a lawyer on retainer can avoid critical mistakes." 

Brittany Chaapel, Director of Programs, ABC - Greater Baltimore 

The Commercial Subcontractors Contract Masterclass


"This was the best class I have taken, hands down. I’ve had a lot of training and taken a lot of classes throughout my 20-year career in the industry and this one definitely exceeded my expectations. Lawyers can be expensive – this is like having a lawyer without paying for one. It is cost-effective and worth the investment to protect our business. Eliot is very informative in an easy-to-understand way and I love that you can take the class at your own pace and reference it later on if you need to.” 

Angelita Cusatis, Contracts Manager, CB Flooring, 8-10 years of contract experience 


"I had zero experience with contracts before I took this course and I never once felt lost or confused throughout this training. I have been able to utilize the content that was provided in the course and incorporate it into my daily life. I now feel really confident reviewing and drafting contracts as a result of taking the course.”  

Lindsay Barnaba, RSSI Roofing, no contract experience


"This course was full of so much useful information! Prior to the course I thought I did a pretty good job of reviewing our contracts and reducing our risks. Boy was I wrong! Eliot's detailed and thorough review of the various contract sections and common pitfalls made me realize how much I was missing in my reviews. I highly recommend this course to ANYONE who reviews contracts on a regular basis. Money well spent!” 

Brandon Petry, Principal, Revolution Window Systems 

Doug Townsley, President, DEL Electric

“After years of reviewing construction contracts as a subcontractor, I thought I was fairly competent. However, this course exposed several landmines that can be hidden in the contact text I would normally glaze over. There are specific and easy ways you can limit your company’s liability exposure simply by adding in a few little words that would usually not be objected to upfront but can pay very high dividends long term should a project go off track. There will always be give and take issues on any contract agreement, but this opened my eyes a little wider in knowing when to just say NO to contract terms that could hurt our company long term. The hours spent in taking this class could easily save you the drive time back and forth to court on something you simply overlook when reviewing a contract.  

WagonheimU Courses

Glenn Haslam, President, Madison Mechanical Contracting, LLC 

“The GC claimed we waived over $350,000 in pending change orders simply by signing their boilerplate lien release. From my perspective, just the slight changes Eliot teaches on lien releases alone is worth many times the price of this course.” 

Steve Fritz, VP of Internal Operations, Commercial Interiors 

Eliot taught us how to significantly lower our risk by tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars without damaging the valuable relationships we count on

[Eliot] helped me understand how to translate the legalese into everyday situation examples. This helped in many cases to get to a compromise on language that is acceptable to both parties.” 

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